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EASTER 2024 at Tilehurst URC


Photographs by Jacqueline

Previous events.

Celebrating the Coronation of TRH King Charles and Queen Camilla on 6th May 2023


What words can express how absolutely amazing the flower display looks at the church?  Thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard in the preparation and putting it up so beautifully.  Every flower is so individual, every one unique, the more you look at the different ones the more and more you see.  It is wonderful how they gently move in the breeze - it is mesmerising!!  I have heard so many people talking about how wonderful it is as they walk past and stopping to look!  Wow - thank you for this beautiful display and for organising it all.

                                                                                                                                                   (Jacqueline, TURC Secretary)

'They are cardboard!, crochet, loom, pom-poms and knitted!

Fledglings Nursery, Fledglings Lodge Nursery, both in Tilehurst, 2nd Tilehurst Brownies and the craft group have been making them and the Scouts from church helped to put it up!'
                                                                                                                   (Jenni from Tilehurst fundraising for Ukraine)

ukraine banner.JPG

On Sunday 18th December 2022, for the first time in three years, we held a Candlelit Carol Service and a focus of that was Ukraine. Below is a photo of a banner advertising the group 'Tilehurst Fundraising For Ukraine' at the front of our building. It reminds us of the horrendous events of this year in Eastern Europe and of the response of some in Tilehurst, which has been facilitated by the use of our building.

Our Scouting organisations also provided the Nativity tableau and contributed to the Christmas Parade Service on 4th December 2022

Remembrance Day Service 13th November 2022. Beautiful floral displays created by Valerie.

Photos taken byJacqueline

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