“True evangelical faith cannot lie dormant: it clothes the naked; it feeds the hungry; it comforts the sorrowful; it shelters the destitute; it serves those that harm it; it binds up that which is wounded; it has become all things to all creatures.”  

Menno Simons, Protestant Reformer, 16th century



“The person who looks for quick results in the seed- planting of well-doing will be disappointed. If I want potatoes for dinner tomorrow, it will do me little good to go out and plant potatoes in my garden tonight.

There are long stretches of darkness and invisibility and silence that separate planting and reaping. During the stretches of waiting, there is cultivating and weeding and nurturing and planting still other seeds.”

                                                                               Eugene Petersen


Dear Lord,

You have provided us with all that we have but we cannot see you. Always there for our guidance and help when needed. We pray that your light shines through the dark and distant horizon. You map out our lives to follow in your footsteps, knowing you care for each and everyone of us. We ask that your never ending love to us will provide hope for the future. You are not here in person but fill our hearts with joy in all that we do and say.


Come, join in with the Prayer Team


As we are all self isolating as much as we can, now is your opportunity, in addition to your own devotions, to pray 'together' by taking the time to talk at length with God in the safety of your own homes on Tuesday mornings at 10:15 am.

Archbishop Justin Welby writes, 'We must never underestimate the power of Prayer.'

'Continue in the Grace of God' Acts 13:43

We pray for strength to keep calm and carry on in the love and compassion of our Lord. Amen.