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Thursdays 2pm – 4pm at Tilehurst URC, Armour Road



We started off the new year with an excellent, passionate talk from Paul Hughes, one of our local first responders. He told us all about the work and the training of these people to enable them to be the first responders to our 999 calls. We were very surprised to learn that they are all volunteers – committing to at least 20 hours on call per week. The topic got a great response and we had 29 people attending. Thanks to Evelyn and Joan for lovely tea and cake afterwards.


In addition to the above, Paul told us about The Lion’s club ‘Message in a bottle’. This is a little plastic bottle that you get from the chemist – it comes with a form inside and two stickers. The idea is that you complete the form with your details and medicines currently being taken and put this in the bottle in the fridge. One of the stickers goes on the inside of your front door at lock level and the other on the fridge door. So if you need help, the paramedics or the first responders only have to look in the fridge to get all your details and it helps to save lives. My plan is to get a number of these bottles, so if you would like one just ask.


Our next meeting is on 21st February and the topic will be “Growing up in London in the 1950s”.  All are very welcome.